Lawn Care

A Refreshing Approach To Keeping Your Lawn Green

Welcome to sunny Florida is what many a real estate developer will be saying to you if you have just recently relocated to any of that state’s fine cities or towns. You have your house, but have you seen the lawn and garden lately. What a sad sight for sore eyes. And you are dreading the horticultural work that lies before you. In what was thought to be greener pastures before, you always had less time and trouble in maintaining your garden and lawn.

The weather was conducive to this. While it can rain like mad one year down in some parts of Florida, it can be a lot drier than average on other occasions. There is not much you think you can do if you have not got those proverbial green fingers to start off with. Well, at least try and get one thing right. Try and get your front yard’s lawn to look attractive and green again. But you lament. How difficult this job is likely to be.

Not so fast. One effective lawn care treatment you can put into place is called lawn care aeration. And this is one of those jobs you won’t have to do yourself. How about that then? As things stand, your appointed horticultural expert invigorates a process of aerating your lawn. What this does is burrow tiny holes; you won’t see much of these unless you look really close as you would with your ears and eyes right down on the ground. These perforated holes then allow the lawn’s roots to breathe and it becomes a lot easier for necessary nutrients such as the sun’s rays, organic fertilizer and water to reach it.

And when that happens, of course the grass will be green again.